Wednesday, June 20, 2018

His Blessings Never Cease

I was totally panicking when I woke up and having what one might consider the worst morning ever. I had miniature mishaps while I was getting ready go to Starbucks and work on a Bible study.

When I roll up to the counter to order a friend I have not seen in a long time, Sarah came in. She told me how she was not living here and has made huge accomplishments and now lives elsewhere teaching trumpet at a university! She also shared other information that made me feel so much better about past situations! I also was privileged to see her mother again and meet her father! Now I'm super excited and journaling this but I really need to do my Bible study. Thank you so much! That 30 second conversation changed my day for the better!

Redoing the True Woman 101: Divine Design Bible study

After a day filled with complete craziness I was heading home. I really really felt like pizza however I am not eating unnecessary carbohydrates. So I rolled into Domino's and asked for something that I've asked for at a pizza restaurant before… a pizza without the bread. After getting a look like I was crazy the beautiful cashier talked to her co-worker and manager and figure out what to do. Charged like a pasta, I got my choice of 2 meats, cheese, and my choice of sauce! Then I thought the excitement was done and I was going home for the night. But wait, there's more!

I turned around and saw a man with black hair and his shirt was Air Academy Wrestling. I starting to roll out but I was like oh Kimi just go for it! We got to talking and he said his name as well as his son’s. The last name rang a bell  and I knew that I I'd been told that name before and asked him if he knew my dad. With no surprise to me, he knows my dad and also knows my uncle because they used to work together. My night has been so exciting! I hope at least one or two people for joining the excitement or at least smile!

Friday, June 15, 2018

...And You Do What?

I wasn't feeling too chipper this morning and realized that I needed something from King Soopers. I thought okay I'll run and grab it before I work out, shower or get my day started because no one's up to get the day started besides those heading to work…. Oh yeah that is getting the day started but that's besides the point. First I thought, “go to Walmart they should be open,” but I remembered that yesterday I heard they are only open from a certain time to a certain time. I was sure 5a.m. had to be that certain time as I was on the bus down to Walmart, but to my dismay they were not open. I crossed Academy to go to King Soopers and get what I needed and headed back but this time it was lighter outside and I could drive my wheelchair home. I thought, “you are going to miss Betsey, the barista that you really need to talk to if you head home. So I stop stopped in Starbucks quickly. Sure enough two of my favorite people Betsey and Bradley were working! I got to tell Betsey the tidbit of information I was super excited about but they were busy with the morning crowd.
Getting out of the way of the crowd I went to my new spot at this remodeled Starbucks which is right next to  the chairs . A lady and her son. I began to explain my book and I was telling her all about it realizing that unfortunately I had not put my summer supplies (which includes the book I Can't Walk But  I Can Roll) on my hot rod yet. However I was able  to give him a ride in a hot rod around Starbucks absolutely made the visit worthwhile. God totally intervened in every word spoken and activity from that moment forward. I ran into ladies from Rocky Mountain Calvary and that really made me excited. Then I rushed home when I looked at myself and realize that I will still in my workout clothes. After doing a little bit of putting myself together (shout out to Jess Jao-- the semi-permanent eyeliner saves me so much time-- I jump in the shower and then I'm out the door) and collecting my thoughts I found myself back at Starbucks.  By the time I made it back to the coffee shop, the morning rush was over and it was totally empty besides the workers of course. Soon the best mechanic teacher came in and started reading and my favorite Sherry came in and got to work. I wasn't sure why I had my book now because there weren't any little kids but soon I would find out. Within minutes it finally happened-- a man came up, pulled out up the chair in front of me and sat down. He began explaining what he does and set up an appointment to meet with my mother and I. Although he is currently a computer science instructor at the Air Force Academy, he and his wife have another business which led him strike up a conversation with me (being in my electric wheelchair may have something to do with it but I'm not sure). Although I don't think this was a spiritual seed, a seed was planted and I pray that the fruits that are produced will be very abundant. I had to hurry home when there was a break in the rain but that's enough excitement for my first day back at Starbucks making the most of my circumstances and allowing God to put people in my path.
See ya ‘round!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Just in the Nick of Time!

Just in the Nick of Time!
Wow what a day today has been! I had it's all planned out this morning, first I was going to go get a Camelbak for a friend and I to go on an adventure and attempt to hike the incline. Although I climbed up before I haven't been on since they remodeled it and I don't think my friend ever has. So I went to Ross because it is right in front of my house to see if they carried anything of the sort and I saw my friend, Kim. I had to spend some extra time there as I haven't seen Kim and ages.. She explained that they have them sometimes but don't have any right now and told me to check at Target; I headed to Target and they only had one left and I didn't want to get the one they had because it was black and now they kind of hot. I went to Bicycle Village where the come on by were nice but very unreasonably priced. That might actually be okay but I didn't have time to go home and check so I just jumped on the bus to head to Walmart to see if there's anything like a Camelbak. They happened to have a nice selection so I talked to a few different people about it and I decided on two after a lot of deliberation. I got to the register and changed my mind. I had to get a bright orange one that has room for miscellaneous items and then a small one that just carries water. After that I went to the check out and I remember that maybe there's some kind of energy bar  that  we should bring. When I was trying to compare all of the ingredients in the many energy cars I ran into this very helpful lady. At first she just asked if I needed help reaching something but she looks very very fit. After chatting for awhile I found out she is a bodybuilder, and to those who this makes any sense to, I think she was about Aunt Gina’s age! I have to be home by 4:30 and I don't have my watch or my cell phone... I have no clue what time it is I had asked some people but that was quite a while ago so I figured I would hurry to the checkout and then ask the stranger that was waiting for the bus as well. Marsh my surprise, on such a beautiful day no one else was waiting, this was absolutely crazy-- there's always somebody out there... except today. Okay I can wait figure out the time until the bus came and luckily it came pretty quickly. I got on the bus and saw that I had a couple hours before I need to be home. That was good because I wanted to go to King Soopers to see if they had any energy bars that were more nutritional. At King Soopers before I even  made it to Farhan the store I bumped into Victoria! Of course that was before I spend I spent a good hour deciding which energy bars to get. This whole time I was thinking there's no way you have time to wait for the bus, just speed home in your chair. So I took off almost headed home and did not pass another Soul until I was basically home and inside ask him if he had any clue what time it was. He told me it was 4:16. I told him thank you as I was pushing my joystick harder as if wood make it going and faster. I finally get home running to the bathroom realizing that I haven't used bathroom all day when I hear my Hopper knock, I made it home just in the nick of time!
Wow! Dictating this too, 1.5 hours!!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

The "simple" things...: Memory Consolidation # 6818

The "simple" things...: Memory Consolidation # 6818: Memory Consolidation # 6818 After I went to a doctor who told me I was doing very well with regard to the medical conditions of my ...

Friday, June 8, 2018

Memory Consolidation # 6818

Memory Consolidation # 6818

After I went to a doctor who told me I was doing very well with regard to the medical conditions of my brain. He asked me if I ever forget things completely thinking they had never or already happened. Although my mom and I joke about that, yesterday someone came to my house and sat there for a couple minutes and then left seemingly upset and I didn't understand why... now I know why during the night last night could not sleep and had so many thoughts bouncing around in my head. It hit me like a lightning bolt, now I remember why the person was at my house! How I Wish I Could Turn Back Time! I've only said communication is key but I must add constant communication is key, like every minute!

**BTW (OMGoodness): The Dr. did attribute my positive progress to God without saying God. He also waited until I brought up God and gave Him credit before he said that there is no medical reason I am where I am, it's a higher power. He is a Christian but it is unethical for a doctor to impose a direction of belief on a client. <--- see just like that statement, during Ethics, my first online class, ethics at CCU...Mrs. Babcock's class

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fiona's mom?!?

  Fiona's mom!

I was little nervous when all the sudden this lady comes to my door dressed in an awesome purple smok describing how we knew each other. Totally excited my brain remembered that she had a handful of little kids at the therapeutic recreation trike rides!

Oh wow it was Erin Shaw!

Being that this is being posted the day after it happened, it was only a preview to the absolutely amazing day I would have. I was about ready to hop on the bus when Ramon said he wanted to take me; he wanted to see the options available at Orangetheory. So I unpacked my wheelchair and put everything into my gym bag.

Forgetting that Pastor Erik had only seen me in my electric wheelchair as I ride It to Rocky Mountain Calvary, he didn't know that I could walk…. That totally explains his concern when I rolled over to my Starbucks and started to ask him about going to his class for a free trial.

After the class, I wasn't as exhausted  as I expected however I was tired enough to allow myself to stay in bed after my 4:15 alarm skipping my normal morning workout.

Being that this is being posted the day after it happened that was only a preview to the outstanding day I would have. When I was about ready to hop on the bus, Ramon said he wanted to take so we can see the options available at Orangetheory. Forgetting that Pastor Erik had only seen me in my wheelchair as I ride It to Rocky Mountain Calvary, he didn't know that I could walk at all much less work out!

After the class, I wasn't as exhausted as I expected although I was exhausted enough that night to sleep through my 4:15 alarm.

Seeing Fiona's mom reminded me to have my recumbent bike brought back to my house so I can ride it over the summer! When I first met Fiona’s mom, her family was just talking about adopting a child from China. Seeing a picture of Fiona, the beautiful child they were blessed with brought tears to my eyes (in my head of course).

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Patience Exercise #533

Patience Exercise #553 What do with the leftover clearance vegetables? Oh, I can boil them that will cook them! After filling a pot almost totally full with the vegetables in water to broil them in, a light bulb goes off and maybe they should be fried. Trying to strain the vegetables would be too risky-- lifting that pot of vegetables and moving it across the kitchen to the other side with an ataxic arm is not worth it. Just boil all the water out and then throw the vegetables into the frying pan..... You are a genius! Much later, I mean much much later basically lunch time who have a finished product that tastes pretty absolutely amazing. Oh I forgot to mention that I remember that butter is okay to eat and I forgot to grease the pan and that butter has zero carbs so I put 2 huge scoops of butter into the vegetables.