Saturday, April 15, 2017

Starbucks Adventure #543

It always amazes me how events occur just the right time. I went to Starbucks today and ran into Bonnie, David, Sarah and met some awesome children. I was able to explain to about my wheelchair using my book :-)! Soon thereafter Iron Man and lady came in however they were both there although I had never seen them together. It was none other than Mike and Sonny Smaldino and their beautiful daughter Victoria! It was super exciting time that sunny does the fire regulation inspection at West! I'm sure there's more story however it is not surfacing my mind at the moment.
I mentioned that it always amazes me how events occur at just the right time, that's because God is amazing and His orchestration of every moment of one's life blows me out of the water!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lego Kimi

Shaking with excitement because of the happenings thus far today,
I'm in the middle of composing a poem but I need to go home and lay (that is not grammatically correct but it rhymes-- I will also include this other random thought in the parentheses since it doesn't have to rhyme :-) just realized that I shake like a dog however my excitement is internally) now I shall continue with my poem.

I shall not fall asleep during the movie yet to come,
Mr. Madwell reminds me of a movie and claims that it has been done.

Bridge of Spies starring Tom Hanks is the Movie where Jason claims I fell asleep,
That's total nonsense! Doesn't he know that during a movie you're not supposed to make a peep?

In my bed I will curl up, to quickly take a little nap,
Oh no he's already at my house I didn't even have the time to snap!

Lego Batman was so amazing -- the movie was really good,
containing emotionally educational themes-- if asked I would fight again, oh yes I definitely would!

My eyes are quickly closing, and I need to be ready to work out in just a few,
Hopefully I will go back to Starbucks morning crowd and the people I meet may not be all new.

I didn't make it to workout with Grandpa but I did a very short morning run (on the treadmill of course),
I missed the morning Starbucks crowd, as watching the Lego Batman movie was entirely too much fun!

Spring break did not go as planned, a few obstacles presented themselves,
But now I have been given the perfect time to read a few of the books off of my shelves.

My spring break was saved by my superhero, Mad Dog, Jason Madwell is his name.
However it's almost time to go back to work and take part in the adulting game.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The wonderful title I had escapes me right now...

Where to begin oh where to begin…. A long long time ago, just yesterday I decided to try the whole online dating business…. No that's too far back… more recent… kind of… I have been unable to drive since my car accident in 2001. Although I was born in Colorado, I haven't stayed connected too many of my friends. I suppose that is the case everywhere because life changes. Well forget that I will go straight for poems. Although they may seem Elementary, I have found that they are and easier way to express my feelings even though they are also easier to misinterpret-- that's where actual person to person communication comes in - - a rarity in today's society.
Last night Jason told me he wanted to come visit and I was not sure why,
When he refused to come and meet my new helper I almost started to cry.
He sat down at the table with an almost serious look,
But serious the last thing you expect when his T-shirt represent a comic book!
He started out by asking if I was fond of the Arts,
Like Shakespeare and the symphony no, not throwing darts.
This has been something I've been praying about for quite a long long time- -
Meeting a fellow that puts up me--
Where my actions have no reason or rhyme.
Of course he did only ask me to a couple of the great Shakespeare plays, I may be too hopeful-- I think too much--but his recent actions brightened my sunshine’s rays!
My sleep was so amazing I don't remember waking up, oh but wait yes I did,
It was time to work out and amazing thoughts flooded my mind-- so excited wanted to be,
However sun wasn't out-- wait-- it’s still dark outside and me I cannot even see!
( Jason's poem says this much better than anything I could think of and it fits right here so well :-)
The news said it is all set
The weather will be wet
You will be soaked, that is a sure bet
If you do go out, make sure to wear a hair net.
Better to write and stay at home
Than to go off in bad weather and roam
Too much water will rust your hot rod’s chrome
Hey, this is one of my better tomes
Spring Break is the time to chill
Not to go out in bad weather and get ill
And have to pay some doctor a large bill
For a super duper get well pill]
The news man told me different while I was in the gym working out with Grandpa,
So after working out I headed down to write at Starbucks and then the clouds I did see, I saw.
So I rolled into Starbucks, with my eyes wide open , I was too scared to blink.
As then I will be in a terrible situation (as some of you know),
There are times when I can think of what to think.
I know better than most, that life can change drastically in just a blink of an eye,
But after last night's meeting I'm pretty sure that Jason --he is the guy!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Never Judge Your Day By its Beginning

Never Judge Your Day by it’s Begining
Waking up thinking I really wanted to go to the St. Patrick's Day Parade to see some of my favorite students play in West Middle School band, tears began to well up in my eyes. I heard my mother's voice “Have you taken your medicine yet?” knowing that I had not taken it yet as I had not eaten breakfast, I decided to cry a little longer while I finished preparing for my adventure of the day. When I finally sat down to eat breakfast I realized that I hadn't taken my medicine yesterday either!I could not help but crack up as Sherry’s voice echoed in my head saying, “Oh honey.” That totally  explains my absolute meltdown in Ktista's room Friday as Malcolm was explaining that the copier makes everyone crazy. Not knowing then that I hadn't taken my medicine I was thinking, “ Kimi what is your issue?” but now the chaos of yesterday, even though we didn't have students, all seems to make sense.
As I sit here waiting for the bus freezing my tail off I am not as sad that I could not go to the parade this morning and I understand the comment that was made during a math class Thursday. The teacher explained that she would be at the parade Saturday  all bundled up.
I finally made it to Starbucks and I have never seen this Starbucks so packed and none of the “regulars” that hang out at this Starbucks, are here :-(. However when I first got here, there was a lovely lady who spoke to me and explained then we had previously met. She introduced me to her beautiful daughter. Being so packed, the only place I could find to sit was at a very large table with a very helpful family. Soon after they left Mr. Bob, one of the regulars, came in! Then Mrs. Renae came in and then Dave, my favorite Chinese man, came in.  When I asked him for the 50th time if he is Japanese said no. As I apologized he said it was fine because “we all look alike.” I was completely surprised to hear this come out of his mouth! So many things that I have been told crossed my mind and I thought, “To each their own.” As I was pre-recording (actually recording last week’s devotions) I was being aware of my surroundings and overheard a conversation, I realized just how normal I am :-). Not mentioning any names, if you think that pertains to you, meaning that you think I'm not normal and have an awkward way of maintaining life, I may text you to explain my elation!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Duct tape

I woke up and felt amazingly wonderful and decided I was going to hop on the bus and go to Wal-mart to get colored duct tape, but before I got the bus I talked to Ma who let me know that she was at the store and was going to pick up duct tape for me! The next thing I needed to do was wait for my cousin to come over who had bought me a happy and while I waited for her I decided to pick out my clothes for next week and while doing that I tried to remember if there were any special outfit days next week-- Monday, I don't think so. Tuesday is Valentine's Day and I had a great outfit for that day. Friday is West spirit day and we can wear jeans, tennis shoes and West apparel. So I still had Monday Wednesday and Thursday to go.
    Not knowing that I had really been looking for crazy yet decent leggings, my cousin showed up with my “happy.”  She had emailed me me a picture of the  leggings she ordered and they were definitely crazy, but I had no clue that that they would be so perfect! While delivering the leggings, not only did she help me arrange outfits for the remaining days of the week, the leggings she got me matched so perfectly with the older West shirt that I happened be given the first year I worked at West. My new leggings have so many colors in them that they will match something every week that they happen to be clean!
    I was so very appreciative and excited about the new leggings I had been given that I almost forgot about my plans. I had to meet a friend at Starbucks... (oh no….glancing at a clock) in 5 minutes! It takes longer than 5 minutes to bring items back to my house and catch the bus to Starbucks or even to just ride my wheelchair to Starbucks! After contacting my Starbucks friend he was okay and could wait for a few while my cousin and I finished our random gallivant.. Next I was headed to Starbucks.
    Arriving at Starbucks in my hot rod, I simultaneously remembered that it was Sunday and the bus stopped running pretty early. I asked my friend that I had just made, Mark if we could run to Wal-mart so I could purchase wonderful things for the students and he had no problem with that. He even went above and beyond when deciphering what I should purchase. By the time we got back to Starbucks it was almost time for the last bus to run and he said he would rather take me home because it was so cold outside.
    After gathering additional strong man, my wheelchair was placed in the back of his truck. As we arrived at my house I had contacted Aaron and told him about the situation. He was on his way over to help me prepare other items for work tomorrow. Next my Minnesota friend, Aaron came over and assisted with many tasks that required fine motor skills and the new duct tape. In the midst of completing the tasks we decided that we should all have dinner together. After contacting Mark, he agreed to that and we made plans. I learned amazing information about Mark and Aaron and was pleasantly surprised when returning to the table to find Aaron and Mark talking as if I was the third wheel at their party.  As Aaron is still job hunting, I hope that the information they exchanged will become beneficial. I trust that God works all things for the good of His followers, and I hope and pray that magnificent opportunities will develop from the new connections made.  Thank you guys! THANK YOU HELEN!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The "simple" things...: Bringing a new meaning to Wobble Wobble

The "simple" things...: Bringing a new meaning to Wobble Wobble: Bringing a new meaning to Wobble Wobble It all started Wednesday morning… I was ready for work. I went through my exercises and was ready...

Bringing a new meaning to Wobble Wobble

Bringing a new meaning to Wobble Wobble
It all started Wednesday morning… I was ready for work. I went through my exercises and was ready to bounce out the door when suddenly I saw my new theraband laying there and thought, “oh no I haven't done my new exercises yet!” as half of my body continued heading out the door, the other half launched backwards to grab the new theraband and begin the exercises and…. CRASH!! There went the Christmas Box that  but I look through every so often to see what I have stored up for Christmas next year. There were Christmas decorations all over my living room floor. However if you remember, I was headed out the door because it was time to go to work so I gently brushed the mess to side and continued on my way out the door.

Later during the day as I was going about my business, completing my normal work duties, I began to sneak as early as possible out of a classroom-- of course I make a little bit of noise  rearranging my necessary goodies on the my wheelchair before pushing it out the door- but this time was different. I started outdoor and I did a little miniature step and then a backwards step although I can't remember exactly because it all only took a split second, so I’ll throw doing a double lutz in there as well. I apparently didn't land there straight as I had hoped because I ended up on the floor with my wheelchair laying down on the next to me.
Laying down? Yes, all my goodies from my wheelchair we're all over the floor also I didn't think there was that much the mess because the students do not flock to me like I had just broken a pinata. That or they were deeply into the video that was playing. I'll go with the second statement because that is what I hope was going on :-).
I am  I am super excited to announce that for the first time in my life, I I'm normal  - no new damage was found in the CT scan!