Saturday, September 22, 2018

There is a first time for everything... And a second

There is a first time for everything... And a second
I would say there is a first time for everything but this happens almost every weekend…
Heading from Academy and Austin Bluffs I seem to drive off the sidewalk into the loose gravel. Every other time I've been on Academy when my Hot Rod veers into the rocks and extremely kind citizens jump out of their car and help me. It's normally a car or two people. However, today I happened be heading back to the bank and I was on a side street where there are not many cars passing. Suddenly I veered into the rocks and I knew that if I tried to get out of the rocks my wheels would spin and dig deeper and deeper; I know this because I had done it before on Academy. After letting My Hotrod have intermittent brakes and trying again and failing, I did what the firefighters have told me to do when I get in trouble… call 911. Station 10 is very very I would most likely be the ones to respond. Sure enough I called  and in a few minutes Truck 10 showed up! there were a couple of my friends and new people. New people? That's why I was going to Starbucks, to meet new people but it looks like that was taken care of with one little mistake. I guess the moral of that story is don't always view a mistake as bad because awesome events can occur!
Thank God for the amazing people I've met, the amazing people I meet, and those I have yet to meet.

Monday, September 17, 2018

To buy shoes or not buy shoes, that is the question!

Mama and I went to Mountain Chalet to order the ballet looking Vibrams. I always thought I was a fantastic sales lady because I think I might have been a great salesperson when I worked at The Buckle my junior year of high school.
I knew that deep down inside I was convinced to keep the Vibrams that that I'd been trying not to wear on on the pavement so they were still eligible to be returned, but when I had another person (my mom) tell me I should not return them I almost
For several days I had been only wearing them inside buildings and when I was able to wear them to work on Fridays, I would walk into work wearing them under my Crocs to prevent wearing them on the pavement. I was doing everything possible to make sure they were still returnable. Then the day finally came, I had a ride to Mountain Chalet and I was going to return the pair I'd been trying out and order a more professional pair.
I sat down and began talking to Cathy, my Vibram expert at Mountain Chalet. She knew that my plan was to return the Vibrams I had been trying out before I ordered the fancier Vibrams. This was something she had suggested because of the return policy. The fancier Vibrams have a very thin sole so she let me try out a pair that has a similar sole before placing my order.
When I explained the shoes to my mother and told her the exciting benefits, I'm not sure she was sold on the idea. However, today when Kathy was explaining all the benefits and I shared how my foot was already changing… I was convinced to keep the pair I had been trying out even though I had been bending over backwards make sure that they were still returnable, and order the other pair.
The fantastic saleswoman award I thought I had goes to Cathy. And I'm super excited to realize that my conscience is kicking back in. Along the same line, the calmness of my right arm is also kicking back in. I've spent so many years dealing with uncontrollable shaking my right arm that I forget to use it. It might take a little bit longer to complete tasks using my right arm but it is a lot more calm.
I'm not too sure that is very coherent but proofreading things on a cell phone is difficult. This might be but I'm not making any promises. I hope you had an amazing weekend and that this week is the absolute best week yet!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Makes My Heart Happy!

Assisting in a classroom today I overheard a student talking about why a student behaves when he does. It happened to be one of my students so I listened more intently. When she was done I asked her what made her think that and she told me that she talked to his mom and found out what his condition is called and then researched it. Let me remind you I work at a middle school, I may be selling myself short here but I'm not sure that in 7th grade I would have researched another human being’s behavior.
After previously being in the class with a student getting mad because the need for differential treatment is not understood, like a light bulb turned on in a dark room, I now see the difference in 6th and 7th graders. Besides just getting light bulb that the earlier class was sixth grade and the later was 7th, seeing a middle schooler go to anyone to learn about another student makes my heart happy!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Day..

Woke up at 4:30 and got ready. Appointment is at 8:30 so I needed breakfast. After showering. I jumped in the hot rod and went to a nearby restaurant. The restaurant was occupied by two managers who are both German.  Their accent make me so excited! I told them about the health restrictions I have and they built me this amazingly fantastic breakfast unwich.
I am so thankful that God puts these amazing people in my life to sit and talk with about everything under the sun! Next, at Starbucks Mark from Pulpit Rock who serves in the youth ministry lifted my spirits simply by being who he is.
Oh my gosh I just opened Jesus Always and read today's devotion... After crying on the way home from breakfast and freaking out as I was at the store looking for flavoring for my coffee, this hit me like a ton of bricks (Was dictated while waiting for my appointment).
9/6 Jesus Always by Sarah Young
I broaden the path beneath you so that your ankles do not turn. I don't want you to focus overly much on what is ahead of you -- wondering whether you'll be able to cope with it. Only I know what your future really holds. Moreover, I am the only One who fully understands what you are capable of. Finally, I can alter your circumstances - - gradually or dramatically. In fact, I can widen the path that you are walking on right now.
I want you to realize how intricately involved in your life I am. I delight in taking care of you -- “tweaking” the situation you are in, to spare you from unnecessary hardship. Remember that I am a shield for all who take refuge In Me. North Park in this adventurous journey is to trust Me, communicate with Me, and walk with Me and steps of joyful dependence. I will not  remove  all adversity  from your life, but I will widen the path you are traveling on -- to bless and keep you from harm.
Psalm 18:36; Psalm 18:30; Numbers 6:24 NKJV

Taking most of the day, the appointment was amazing and Ma amazed me by her calm, cool, and collected self. I arrived home and received a work related call and have another appointment with my doctor who is from West Africa per the district’s request.  While that call was ending a new helper showed up at my house and she is from West Africa too! While my doctor is from Nigeria, she is from Cameroon!  I love connections!!!!
I am SUPER EXCITED to go to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Overflowing with Excitement!

Overflowing with Excitement!
Today has been the best day yet! Every morning I have a class with a teacher who is new and she is absolutely amazing. I don't know if it's because she went to school as a child so she knows fantastic Westside way of life or what but she is absolutely amazing! And I even get to go to her class twice! Throughout the day there are ups and downs; there was a time that I was in a teacher's classroom feeling like I was not doing what I has been called to do even though this year feels a thousand times better than last, I just wasn't sure about...about…. What am I saying? I'm sure about everything every day this year has gone so perfectly! I absolutely love my job and I absolutely love my life and everything so perfect! Anyway back to the story... I went into that teachers classroom (the teacher's classroom where I felt like I wasn't sure…) and she gave me a shout out to all of her students. She went on about judging people and telling all her students how they better not judge me because I have a story and if they have time to ask me about what happened... And they were so receptive. All of this happened so fast I didn't know what to think although I was able to describe to my housekeeper/ taxi driver what happened, it really had not sunk in.
Throughout the day I realized that I needed to purchase something but it's something that's not that easy to find. I found it once before at the Ross in front of my house but that was awhile ago and it was the only one. I decided to take my chances and go look at the store for another one but on the way I had checked my mail. In my mail was a replica of the ring I was given at the Star Trek convention because I do not want memories to be gone. Although I think the ring is a little smaller and isn't exactly the same, it still carries the memories! I was elated! Unable to focus on one thing,I was at the store where I tore open the package to find the ring but then I went over to the area of the item I was looking for and I only find one but I purchase two and actually there were maybe even three of the exact items that I needed! So to recap the teachers I work with are absolutely amazing, the replacement Star Trek ring arrived in the mail, a store had an overabundance of something I just discovered I needed today even daily happenings, finding the item in stock is rare, and when I finally made it to Starbucks to let my thoughts process, my favorite Bradley stopped by and listened to my whole story even though I was crying and probably not speaking clearly at all! I am so thankful for my absolutely amazing job. Everyday after having time to reflect on the events of each day, I am overflowing with excitement of all the wonderful things that I get to witness!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

I Do it For Them?

I Do It For Them?
More than once, whether intentionally or unintentionally, I have been encouraged not to voice my opinion or thoughts. Today after Church and a brief visit to Starbucks, I had lunch and then decided to go on a hunt. I was hunting for something exciting to eat for dinner. I had already been to Safeway and realized they had set up bricks to grill blocking the way for wheelchair to have access through one route. I attempted to fit my wheelchair through the space and a catastrophe was created. I went around after explaining how they need to move it because although I can go on the street, not everyone that's in a wheelchair has that ability. Then I went on adventure to another store in search of different items. I was gone for quite a while and then I needed to go back to Safeway. I went back and they had not moved anything. While apologizing and giving what were probably viable excuses, I really began feel bad for raising search an issue. I was approached several times by different employees apologizing and saying that the setup will be changed.  As I mentioned, this really was not an issue for me, but for others who have no voice. After looking around the grocery store for a good hour, I was approached by an employee who thanked me for causing an issue about the location of the grill. I told him I was sorry that I caused such a problem and that it really isn't that big of an issue and he said that he had told them not to put it there but they did anyway. "Now maybe they will move it to location I suggested first. So after feeling really bad for causing such a ruckus, I learned that I am not necessarily only a voice for those who can't speak, but for those who can speak but are not listened to. I'm sure this going to ruffle some feathers and start a great conversation, but I hope it does. People, including myself, need to communicate more. Side note, my way of communicating is texting or writing so then I can reread it later and maybe I sent the wrong thing via text but it will be corrected in time. Time that will be sped up it is brought to my attention. After a very stressful day I am super excited to re-listen to today's sermon!

Friday, August 17, 2018

Fine Motor Skills in Your Feet?!?

I was extremely stressed about the weekend coming because I wasn't sure what to do. I thought it would be fun to go to the Friday Afternoon Club with my coworkers however prior obligations that I forgot about took priority. So after arriving home I decided to do something out of the norm and go to Starbucks to self-reflect (sarcasm about the change in the location of self reflecting will come at a later time). After rolling into Starbucks there was a bigger crowd for a typical Friday night but I had no complaints. I went over to the table designated for wheelchairs and the table next to it was occupied. I can't even remember what started the conversation which kind of leads me to think that I did not start it for once! Beware because after he reads this if this is read by him, I might be corrected. Actually I just remembered… he was wearing those sock shoes and I really want to know about them! Never before have I met another person who got super excited about something they were passionate about until I met this person. All those with working hard at the other table, he joined me and explain details about shoes.
Every tear and stressful thought about work left my mind -- sock shoes had now taken precedence. Everything starts somewhere so I need to start with marbles, pens, and other objects that will strengthen certain parts of my feet, maybe the fine motor skills of my feet!?! I will pretend practicing daily and I hope to be graduated to sock shoes soon!
Now I have our weekend planned and perhaps it's time to close up shop. See ya ‘round!