Monday, November 20, 2017

Test Run

Test Run
This morning I was proud of myself for not waking up as early although it may have only been 15 minutes later. I got ready kind of in a hurry because I thought the window for the Comcast man was 7 to 12. About 10, I called Comcast and asked about the appointment. The window is actually 7 - 8 on a different day. The large window that I was remembering was for my wheelchair delivery which is already been done. I then decided to take my wheelchair for a test drive.
I went to the Flintridge Starbucks where I was able to see Bonnie and Ciamak, Sherry, a beautiful lady who is Japanese, and Mr. John. Bonnie and Ciamak same to me doing very well but today they didn't have any grandchildren or great-grandchildren with them. Sherry and I didn't really have time to top over worry about to say hi and she looked great! The beautiful Japanese lady was absolutely awesome! The first thing I asked her was if she was Asian. She what is born in Hawaii and along with a few other ethnicities, she was half Japanese. Talking to Mr. John was absolutely wonderful, I saw that he was busy but he did take the time to tell me that Matt has an absolute blast at my birthday party.
Then I decided to take off to Verizon on Austin Bluffs and find out about different Chargers and the problems that keep occurring. As I spent a good hour there, I learned that there is a new fast charger that doesn't become bent causing charging difficulties, but I do have one charger that works. I also learned that you get it $5 off of charger purchase if you turn in an old charger. After learning that I would have to purchase a new charger with my new phone and decided not to get a charger quite yet until this phone no longer works.
As I was letting my phone charge on their fast charger, I went to the bank to make sure things were in proper order. Afterward I went back to Verizon to retrieve my fully charged phone, 4 + absolutely unknown reason I began to cry when leaving Verizon and then headed home.
When I finally arrived home, my wheelchair battery had just reached the yellow. The wheelchair battery gauge goes from green to yellow to red.  When it's in red you better hope that a charger is near. I was reminded today that I need to charge it every night however I was told previously to make sure it was run down a little bit for charging it which only makes sense. After my adventures today I was very excited to realize that the battery was run down enough to charge. Thanksgiving break could not have come at a better time I get to take my hotrod on adventures!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hot Rod Lessons

Hot Rod Lessons
I was really excited today to be able to go to work and know that we have the whole next week off. My dad came to take me to work and on the way we were discussing how he was going to wait at my house for the wheelchair delivery. Although I felt a bit guilty, I was very impressed that my dad was willing to hang out at my house for the three-hour window time they had given me for delivery.  All of this quickly changed moments after I arrived at work.
    Yesterday I learned that I get to tutor my cousin’s daughter (2nd cousin?) in reading and math. When I arrived early to work I went to the library to look at books for her to read.  No sooner had I described the tutoring situation to the librarians did I receive a call reminding me of the wheelchair delivery and strongly advising me to be home to learn about and test drive the new wheelchair. “What?!? This is my 3rd hot rod (electric wheelchair),” I thought. Then I remembered that this hot rod has additional, newer  and exciting features that I should be instructed on.
I quickly made arrangements to be picked up so I could be home at the start of the delivery window and tried very had to remain calm with this sudden change of plans. After a minor internal panic attack, I registered my absence and headed to class.  I was super excited about seeing the students one last time before Thanksgiving break and I did get to see most of them before I was headed home to learn how to drive my new hot rod. Here I sit...waiting to get a new hot rod and lessons!.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Not Just a Clap

Not just a clap

Last month, or perhaps it was last week, a co-worker was devastated because she explained that her legs clapped when she did jumping jacks. Completely perplexed, in my head I thought my legs have never clapped, how could your hands get to your legs when they're supposed to be in the air clapping in the air… how in the world does this happen? Much to my dismay when I got out of the shower this morning I propped myself in between the walls in the hallway so I could not fall and did a jumping jack. I am proud to announce that although I have lost a pound or two Oh, my legs did not only clap they gave me a round of applause! It might only be a clap if I have enough balance to complete a jumping jack at a normal speed however I don't. Much like my communication is Sean out... So are my claps.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Money - Saving Idea!

Money-saving Idea!

Trying to be my occasionally Frugal self, I had a great new idea about cereal. I thought the bag cereal was cheaper but I had some boxed cereal at home. I decided to eat all of the cereal I have but save the box and then go buy bagged cereal to refill the the box with a similar cereal... Pretty clever, right? Well so I went out on venture today to return the Fruit Loops (Tootie Fruities) that my fiance bought because I didn't want to pay for a brand name and to him off-brand Fruit Loops are  healthy :-). Tonight when I went back to the store to return the cereal, only basing nutritional value on the number of carbohydrates I found Oat Blenders and Cinnamon Tasters had the same number of carbohydrates . I was spending way too much time deciding which bag to get when I ran into a friend from Rocky Mountain Calvary that I have not seen in awhile which. She unknowingly convinced me to hurry up and I grabbed them both planning to exchange the Tootie Fruities. I ended up not exchanging any of them and going home with a bag Oat Blenders, Cinnamon Toasters, and yes the infamous Tootie Fruities.

Because I am so long-winded I almost stopped the store and was like why dad even like this? And then I looked on to my kitchen floor and totally realize what I'm writing about.

            I arrived home with the bags of cereal and finish the last little bit of the boxer that I wanted to refill with the cereal out of the bag. I thought that this cannot be hard so I opened the bag along the entire perforated line. I stuffed the opening of the bagged cereal Into the now empty bag of the boxed cereal and began to pour. Although I heard a few cereal pieces fall to the floor I didn't think it was March so I continued to pour. As the bag from the boxed cereal began to get full I'm pulled the bag cereal away. I was feeling pretty proud of myself when I heard cereal pieces fall like pouring rain to the floor. Apparently there was a little sliver of the bag cereal sticking out of the box cereal bag pouring onto the counter ( I was methodically using the counter as my other hand because this would have been a much worse story using my shaky hand to hold the box)

I'm really not sure that I saved much money if any. If I were to count be flakes of cereal in a bag giving them each a monetary value and adding that to the once cheaper price of bagged cereal. I really think that I have not saved anything although this did create a great storm in my opinion. Oh and I have not used the entire bag of cereal so actually it might be cheaper but is it worth it? While a picture is worth a thousand  can you put a price tag on laughter and joy?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

A Shoebox

A Shoebox

As we are preparing to move into our house, Jason I have been discussing furniture that will be discarded of, furniture and that we have doubles of, and odds and ends throughout the house that we will no longer need. When I was over at his apartment there was a shoebox in the middle of the floor which has always been in the middle of his floor. Knowing that this is a shoebox for his cats, I brought up the idea of maybe we could decorate the box or make it look less boxy. Later on throughout the day Jason was talking in his “ I am the cat talking to Kimi” voice when saying "okay Broody tell her that you don't want your box decorated with stinking wrapping paper.” I eventually said okay maybe not wrap it but make it a little more presentable. Again in his cat voice he said, “tell her we don't need our box presentable.” this is the man who just told me he didn't want to go to an adult night at the zoo because he lives in the zoo himself, but I must say that he allows it to be a zoo. :-).

Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Star Trek Convention '17

First Star Trek Convention '17
June 5th I received a text from my boyfriend:
“So...this is just a possibility to think about.  Instead of going to the Denver Comic Book Convention at the end of the month, how would you like to go on a real trip and go to the big Star Trek Convention in August in Las Vegas???”
As I read the message I thought, “Something to think about? Of course I want to go!” but then I thought about how school is starting and how it takes me 5 years to prepare for anything. I wasn't sure if I could do it for about .01 seconds. Then Jason explained that “this could possibly be the greatest people watching experience of your life” -- I was sold!
           I sat at Starbucks thinking why he want to take me to Star Trek convention. Shortly -- okay it wasn't that shortly, less than a week after receiving the invitation to Las Vegas I wrote this in my journal, “Got this crazy feeling that Jason will ask to marry me when we go to Las Vegas and it is 3:40 in the morning on Friday June 9th.” HE didn’t even know he was going to do it then. However between then and when we actually went to Las Vegas the idea and excitement dissipated; I had convinced myself and other people I'd shared the idea with agreed that I shouldn't get my hopes up and I should just plan on going and having fun.. Hopes up? I don't need no stinkin’ hope-- I'm going to the greatest people watching experience in my life! Not only would this be in an entirely new environment, cultural differences would abound. If I was doing an experiment, this would be an entirely new sample set than the one I see everyday- visitors of Starbucks. Days past, life happened and with my “stellar memory” I almost forgot about this wonderful suspicion until Friday.  
If was the Friday before we would be leaving and there was a family gathering of my step mom's family in Castle Rock. My cousin had very recently gotten engaged and everyone was sharing their engagement stories. Jason and I-- not so much. None of the stories were traditional or at least they weren’t like what I thought engagements were supposed to - - at a restaurant, dressed nice, nice ring….. oh and I forgot to say planned. Grandpa Batt proposed sort of nonchalantly on my way to their typical date night. My dad and my brother-in-law both proposed with a beer bottle opener or a beer tab? Some sort of memory token of their night. I may not remember correctly but I think Aunt Renee and Uncle Ron had a somewhat traditional proposal and my cousin Richelle was proposed to in Hawaii on the beach. After the conversation topic came to a close The most recent engagement Adam and Randi happened during a hike...with a backpack. I felt the necessity to apologize to Jason for being put in a weird, or what I thought might have been a weird position. However it turns out that the information Jason learned at the family gathering ended up being very beneficial.
                We were supposed to go to a nice restaurant the first night we were there but events didn't go as planned. I was so excited to see how Jason adapted to my disability -- although I think of jumping on his back might have been a good idea  now, it didn't dawn on me then and I'm kind of glad it didn't - - It might have but I had on a dress and I am afraid I would have broken his back. I cried and felt bad and told him to go without me but he wouldn’t and we had dinner elsewhere.
The trip was packed with seeing amazing people in awesome costumes, listening to “behind the scenes” information about what it took to make Star Trek what it has been and what it is today (seeing the Enterprise in the making was awesome), and as I was warned there were a couple people in random costumes.  It was our last night there and Jason wanted to go change out of our costumes before dinner. Keeping my high school title of “Most Spirited,” I suggested that we go in our Star Trek costumes. Riding a special, hidden elevator to the 50th floor was not bad, but the family who was dressed very nicely who got on the secret elevator with us must have thought that we were lost because of a clothing.
The restaurant was a busy place and the delay of being served cut into our plans. Jason got up and reached into his backpack on the back of my wheelchair. He got on one knee (I thought he was falling between my wheelchair, the empty chair, and the glass window) and proposed.  But wait, there’s more! Jason put the ring over my purity/reminder ring and it fit-- OVER my purity ring! What? It is a Starfleet Academy ring!!! Jason is a jokester and I always have ask if he is serious and this was no different-- I asked if he was serious and he assured me that he was!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

What to Wear Oh What to Wear..

What to Wear Oh What to Wear..

My mom likes to say that when I was younger I dressed with a sense of humor...well at least that's what I told her. As I got dressed today I put on a nice black dress with red flowers that was a bit low cut. To be my modest self, I wanted to wear a tank top underneath. In deciding what color to wear I thought, “Kimi, you could wear black but your leggings are black. You could wear red but the flowers on the dress are red and it is quite a dominating color of the dress.” Using my fashion sense that I insist came from my time at the Buckle with Dee Medlock, I pulled the smallest color in the dress - green. The leaves on the flowers are green and I have a green tank top! As I sit here with hair that is dripping wet, I am pleased that I have a variety of modesty tank tops to bring out the smallest color of my clothing :-) thank you for whoever taught me that.

I may not always look like I tried to dress decently, but I stress about getting dressed and most of the thoughts I post on here are honestly things that go through my head. It seems almost cliche already but the struggle is real.