Saturday, July 22, 2017

For breakfast?

For breakfast?

I was once told that if you don't feel good about giving something to someone as a gift then you shouldn't give it to them or something along those lines. I wonder if the same principle goes for having a good conscience or doing good things.

This morning I needed this go pick up something to bring to a party I'm I'm going to this afternoon. I realized that I had given my money allotted food this month to my housekeeper. I also had a few personal items I needed to purchase and I only had a little bit of money left for this month. So I went to look at the things on clearance at the grocery store and I found an amazing pie that I was sure would be perfect! After I stood from My Hotrod (wheelchair) and grabbed it, I was heading for the checkout and I saw watermelon... Watermelon would be perfect! So I went to put the perfect pie back and as I stood up to reach and put the pie back where the pie belonged it fell out of my hand and on the floor totally messing up the presentation of the pie. Now I know I'm at the grocery store and they would take it back -- it be fine. I'm also pretty sure that somebody might purchase a discounted, totally  smushed pie, that would be money the the store lost and even though it's a huge corporation, I wouldn't want to do that. Even though it was discounted, which I ended up buying and the watermelon  which was not, purchasing both of them along with the personal items sucked up the whole week's money. Although I thought this was sad and I am trying to maintain a decent weight over the summer, I guess I'm forced to eat smashed special edition Peach apple cobbler for breakfast! So I cried after buying the smashed Apple Peach Cobbler because it's something I really didn't want to do even though my conscience told me to. Is that the same as giving someone a gift that you really don't want to give them?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sunday 7/16/17 & Monday 7/17/17

Sunday 7/16/17 & Monday 7/17/17 ( sorry about the temporary possibly permanently unreative title)

As some of you may know, Sunday was National Ice Cream Day . Right next to my favorite Starbucks is McDonald's. I decided to go in McDonald's for going to Starbucks so I could stay in there and get free refills  until I had to leave for an appointment .  At McDonald's I met Lynn a very nice lady. She noticed that near my clavicle was a little red so she was telling me how to ease the burn - - put vinegar on washcloth and softly rub it-- oh how I love old-fashioned remedies! In addition to being a very nice lady,  she was from Florida  I've been Pensacola and Fort Lauderdale-- something about that good old southern hospitality. Instantly my house flashed in my mind and I was thinking of my former helper Heather who created a vinegar spray bottle in my bathroom. Remembering this I was super excited to get home and spray it on a washcloth and put it on my sunburn that didn't burn but looked pretty nasty. I had already got my free cream but I had them tip it over into a cup because it always melts before I can eat it all.  Then I had the genius idea of purchasing a Coke . Once I purchased anything I had the option of  getting a free McFlurry or free  Shake.  I got a free vanilla shake  and poured the Coke in the shake it made a Coke float! Boy was I excited :-).

After that, I looked across the parking lot and saw Baskin Robbins - another ice cream store. Before I stopped at Starbucks I went to Baskin-Robbins and asked if they had anything going on for the ice cream day. They said that they didn't but I looked on my RetailMeNot app and saw that I had a free scoop of ice cream so I got it and spoke with an army chaplain and his family. The chaplain, Victor is from Puerto Rico. Having met chaplins of different sorts over the years I asked him what his job entailed. He described that he “serves our Service Members by offering religious services, counseling and advising the command about religion,  morale and morals.” when I finally made it to Starbucks I ran into a man who I had previously met as we were praying with a group of students who were camp counselors. Sadly I cannot find his name in my journal, so if you would please comment on this. Actually I have your name in my journal and it says Medrano... That does not seem right to me but it might be.

I had such a  Super Summertime Sunday and I ran into many awesome people with all of them not being named, I was in for a major turn around the next day.

The next day (Monday) I knew that I had an appointment at 1:30 in the afternoon but thought "hey I can work out and then go see my friends at Starbucks and be home in time to get to my appointment" that was my plan I was sticking to it! I wasn't feeling exactly normal but I just figured it was the Monday blues or something so I worked out and ran to Starbucks. I ordered a water because my head wasn't feeling quite up to par and the temperature outside was pretty hot even though once in the morning so I thought maybe I needed to hydrate. I only took a few sips of the water, rushed to the bathroom and the water and anything I had eaten that morning decided to visit the toilet. After that my body felt like I was back to normal but I was worried that something could be wrong so I notified the Baristas of what happened and then went home. Not much later I went to my appointment and found out that it was all cattywampus. Certain people were not communicating with other people and I needed to come back on a different day. All in all the past couple days have been adventurous. Today I worked out with  Sharon and her mother and although there were not many adventures today,
I did have an amazing visitor- - my mother who decided that I should change the location of my fans until we get my house rearranged to uncover the air conditioner. This is another sign of global warming because I have not used my air conditioner in the many years I have lived here I just open the windows and everything is awesome... Until now :-(.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


I am in an electric wheelchair When I visit with people at Starbucks so I am often told about many types of different vitamins, medicines, and therapies that people use or have heard great things about. I was recently told about Reliv and was heavily considering it. However waking up one morning I heard an ad for neurofeedback. That is something that I have considered before but for some unknown reason pushed it to the back burner.

Still wanting to try the other option at a different time, I surprised myself when I came up with a letter that sounded a little sophisticated:

“Well actually I think we should wait until after I've been doing this neurofeedback for a while because having two variables at one time create an extraneous variable or a confounding variable. Henceforth, you will not know which product is having an effect.
Smile 😁! Sincerely, Kimi”

This just made me think of Michael Reyes and Sandy Ho although I think they were before Research Methods.

Side note: This is what happens when I spend hours being quiet and doing what many call relaxing. Thanks Jason :-)!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cow Appreciation Day!

Monday night I had it all planned out-- I would get up Tuesday morning at my normal 4:45 alarm and catch the first bus going north to Chic-fil-a so I didn't have to wait in a long line for the free chicken. I was sad that I was up all night fighting figments of my imagination and didn't wake up until 6 but luckily I showed the previous night so I could take off right after I scurried through the pertinent parts of the morning routine. When I finally made it to Chick-fil-a there was no line and I was served rapidly. When I received  my free entree I figured I would eat fast so it wouldn't be a problem that my hot rod protruded in the aisle- - I didn't want to rearrange Chick-fil-A’s dining room. I started chatting to a man who mentioned something about being in the military and I asked what his MOS was. He said you must be married to are related to someone in the military. I must have been unconsciously signing as I was talking because he said that it reminded him of his friend Fuji. I said sometimes my dad goes by Fuji. It was determined that we were referring to the same Fuji-- he knows my dad! He actually recalled knowing me when I was younger.

      Soon after Larry left I began talking to Jeff Hinson. I learned that he runs a nonprofit called Unite the Bride. Surprisingly this time pass romanization is somehow in connection with United Way Ivan where my mom works :-).

          Not only was I blessed by Mr. Larry and his wife helping me situate my seating at Chick-fil-A but later the crazy red bearded man was getting me a refill and put more money than I've ever put on a card on my Chick-fil-A card! I was really excited and after what we talked for awhile he left so I decided to go to another Chick-fil-A to get supper. I rode the bus to the other side of town and went to Starbucks where I had a meeting. Before my meeting I was sitting outside talking to a few regulars who I see often. I was blessed again with a Starbucks gift card. Minutes later had an absolutely amazing meeting and I pray that God  used my ears to hear the wonderful information this lady shared and used my mouth to declare His greatness. After the meeting, it was nearing mid-afternoon and I was sure I could hurry to the Garden of the Gods Chick-fil-A and get a free entree at the another Chick-fil-A. This was all in good conscience because I had called Chick-fil-A on the way to the first Chick-fil-A and asked if it was okay if I went to  different Chick-fil-A to get  different meals. They said it was absolutely fine if I wanted to travel to different locations.

Prior to going to the other Chick-fil-A I stopped by Starbucks. Shortly after arriving

a beautiful lady with lovely blonde locks came walking into Starbucks and said “Hi Kimi” and I was like who are you and she said Reid! Reid Biren,” I was like “oh my goodness!” Reid is my cousin! Not only do I never see her in the Springs, I totally forgot she lives in the Springs and is going to UCCS! She is getting  a Nursing degree with a minor in Psychology--I was so excited it's incredible :-) I wanted to do a dance but I will refrain.

          After visiting with Reid for little while and letting the rain pass, I took off to the other Chick-fil-A and got free lunch that hasn't even been eaten yet. I was feeling very successful as I made it to 2 Chick-fil-A locations and back home in time to have date night with Jason :-)! Praise God! Maybe next time I will try to make it to several locations.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Let's Hear it for the Golden Wave! Brain injury story #9652

Let's Hear it for the Golden Wave! Brain injury story #9652
Over the weekend I was on a mission to find accessories for my costume as well as sun dresses. Looking through dresses, I found this dress that reminded me of middle school. During my middle school years not only can I remember my mom wearing different colors of this particular style of dress, but I also remember that someone else wore one however, I could not remember exactly who it was.
With Colorado weather being very indecisive I didn't wear  all of the clothes that I picked out for last week and still had partial outfits hanging on my dresser. Even though the forecast said the temperature would be scorching, at Starbucks I sit right where the air blows and it's pretty cold at times. It was not a complete outfit still hanging on my dresser, it was a three-quarter length navy blue skirt and this morning a deep yellow colored shirt jumped out at me after having a dream about my middle school math teacher in Tupelo, Mississippi, Mrs. Susan Bounds.

... I arrived at Starbucks to write this story when I realized that I was sitting next to a paraprofessional and a former teacher. The teacher was a former chemistry teacher, Ray Coddington and the other educator is a paraprofessional in District 49, Robyn Tyboroski. Wait, there's more…
When I was younger I would look through singles magazine looking for somebody to “hook” my mom up with. We would be standing in the grocery store checkout line and I would say there's one mom… like I was reading off the details of an appliance or a house, I would read off a man's detailed characteristics… his height, age, and other disclosed information. I tell you this because It just so happens that Mr. Coddington was Ms. Tyboroski’s chemistry teacher when she was younger. Now however he is hurt stepfather! Talk about playing Matchmaker :-).
….Back to the story of my warm clothing because Starbucks is cold. Although I wasn't wearing  the dress I purchased the other day that reminded me of  middle school, I happened to be wearing a blue and gold outfit... the school colors for Tupelo Middle School! As I was reminiscing about Middle School years and Mrs. Bounds, I remembered that Mrs. Bounds and my mom used to wear the type of dress I had purchased!
Subconsciously  I picked out a gold shirt to go with my blue skirt and was wearing my middle school colors - Gold and blue. Although I already said today was a Wonderful Wacky Wednesday, I hereby change it and say it's a Golden Wave Wednesday: I suppose it could be a Wonderful Wacky Golden Wave Wednesday (just don’t expect that much alliteration to continue)!!  Even though my middle school years were 20 years ago, at times my brain injury enables me to recall memories from 20+ years ago better than events from last week or even yesterday!

Monday, July 3, 2017


I was able to deliver Starbucks to Kirsty and she gave me a tip that was more than the price of the coffee itself! I could really handle this job. I was going to stop by the firehouse (10s) and see if they wanted anything but I forgot to. And I'm not even sure what shift is today :-( I might have to depart when it gets a little warmer outside.

Not even 10 minute after I got back to Starbucks I decided to go to the firehouse. And it was a complete heart break as I did not know anyone at the firehouse and was looked at like I was crazy. They said that they were all new and I couldn't think of anyone's name but Jayme McConnellogue, but I suppose if I bring treats and visit more often I'll get to know them sometime.

I got to Starbucks and there were 2 lovely women sitting in the comfy chairs, Liz and Marsha. one lady works at Rampart High School and  the other educated me about Lyme's disease. They were only in there for a few minutes and they we're discussing  a Bible study before they could not resist the beautiful weather outside.

I also ran into Mr. Rich, the  helicopter pilot,  Ms. Sherry who always checks on my diet to make sure I'm staying healthy :-), Mr. Bob who always teaches me information and gifts me updates on local exciting events. And of course I cannot forget seeing of my favorite barista’s! While at Starbucks I managed to write this- - - a crazy, but true, story--


A long long time ago, I can still remember when I used to think that milk was oh so gross. After my brain injury, when life changed, I decided that I moved milk. Milk was next best thing to sliced bread. However all of this relation came to a sudden halt when I learned during a prayer meeting that I'm lactose intolerant. Let me tell you that this mirror food intolerance did not change the fact that I love milk. Now that I have discovered lactose-free milk, I just buy it. I get Lactaid hoping that this will cure the issue.

A few days ago I went to Safeway and grabbed a quart of Lactaid milk. I woke up yesterday morning and decided because I was going to my mom's house for a Fourth of July picnic and there's always enormous amounts of wonderful food, that I would eat a small breakfast. Knowing that cereal never fills me up I decided to eat cereal. This would be a double positive because I was just told by my doctor that I needed to eat cereal. I poured this ginormous bowl of Cheerios and then grabbed the milk out of my refrigerator. Although the half gallon box felt a little swollen or is my nephew would say swoll, I decided it was okay when I looked at the date and it said July 18th.  I poured the milk into my huge bowl of Cheerios and I took one great big bite. It tasted like sour pickles-- not sour like they're supposed to be but bad bad bad. I immediately looked at the date printed on top of the milk was JUL 18 17. In utter confusion I was like are you sure it is only the first day of July? Since I am known to be very wrong about the day of the week much less the day of the month, I looked on my cell phone and it was July 2nd. To make sure that date was correct I looked on my computer and it was 7/2/2017. It was still July and it was not yet the 18th. Very quickly I called Safeway and told them of my major mishap. I asked them if I could get new milk if I brought my milk in even though I had no clue where the receipt had gone. I was told it would be no problem so I threw the swollen carton of milk in a bag on my wheelchair and raced to Safeway- to show them the milk and get a replacement. I almost wanted to ask Safeway- if I could get Cheerios as well because I used almost the last little bit of Cheerios on that bowl with bad milk, but I didn't :-) go Kimi! Hold your applause Jason, hold your applause :-) I arrived home, ate cereal with some fresh milk, and was soon visited by Jason.

Just in Time!

Just in Time!

I tossed and turned all night in tears thinking that Jason was terribly mad when I told him to send me a picture of the receipt from Barnes & Noble. I could perfectly remember reading the periodic table of elements book at my dining room table. It is just dawning on me now that what I was remembering might have been a dream because I never had the book to begin with :-).

         I was so nervous this morning and I had mentally prepared myself not to get the wonderful morning greeting that I receive from Jason most mornings. I was thinking that he was going to be rushing for work because he had to go out his vehicle last night. However I did preface my asking with “the next time you go out to your vehicle will you please text me a picture of the receipt from Barnes & Noble.” I am in tears just thinking about what I thought was going to happen because it has before although probably not with Jason

           Needless to say I still got a wonderful message this morning and he did not say a thing about me requesting proof :-). I don't know if it was purposely or if it just happened, but I've been telling him that because I'm not at work I don't realize what day of the week it is so his message this morning reminded me that it was Tuesday :-). As I was on my way to my office

I ran into Mrs. Victoria. Who told me about Spruce Hill Community Church being available on the internet. I had looked for it before but was unable to find it. However hearing this re-energized me to search the Church’s website and hopefully be able to access the sermons. She also reminded me about potluck Sundays and told invited me to return some time. We also talked about Jason and I could not even put into words how amazing he is. Having this story at the front of my mind I wanted to spit it all out, however I knew time did not allow; I mean my goodness we met in the parking lot of a store :-).

         Arriving at the office when I looked up Spruce Hill Community Church and found how I can listen to the sermons. Looking at the very first podcast available, it was a sermon about the Super 8... I have those notes! I attended at least the first sermon of that series so I can listen to that entire series! This discovery has totally made my day!

            I now realize that when I was trying to find please sermons online I was not looking to the right far enough on the screen. I was sure that they would be under a different tab and I gave up searching when I did not find them. Oh my goodness, God is exclamation point Miss would swear you have no idea how exciting this is :-)! I think now would be a good time arriving so I can listen to as many sermons as possible before it's time to leave the office.